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Foundation Courses

Eyelash Extension Training

Learn how to lash correctly the first time!

Learn the newest and greatest techniques from licensed & certified trainers with years of experience! All of our trainers are passionate about the art of lash extensions and the beauty industry as a whole!

Need more info on why you should choose us? No problem!

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their passion. Lash extension training can range anywhere from $900-$2000! But not with us! Our classic lash extension training starts at $700, which includes a complete lash kit that will have everything you need to start working and building clientele. 

With our Academy, you receive true EDUCATION! You will build confidence in your lash knowledge by being well versed in lash theory, background information, sanitation, marketing, incident management, allergies etc. The skills you are about to learn in the art of lashing are crucial to your success, so this decision is an important one! You will be confident in speaking to your clients with the amount of knowledge you will have upon class completion & what you pick up while being in the industry. The industry is forever changing, but we will be there for you every step of the way.

Classic Eyelash Extension Training w/ Standard Kit


Standard kit includes a full manual & everything needed to begin accepting clients.

Classic Eyelash Extension Training w/ Deluxe Kit


Deluxe kit includes everything included in the standard kit PLUS extra products guaranteeing a luxury experience for your clients, lash lamp & a professional lash bed. Perfect for those ready to set up & get right to work. Also includes a 1 on 1 business consultation session.

*Payment arrangements are available

At FACE you will receive:

-Top-notch training from certified lash artists
-Classic Lash Extension Application Handbook
-A complete lash kit featuring some of the same products we use daily
-Certificate of Completion
-Business tips and marketing ideas 

Topics covered include:
-Proper tool handling, client safety and appropriate sanitation procedures
-Application techniques through hands-on exercises
How to:
-Properly pick up the lash
-Use the right amount of adhesive for a secure bond without clumps
-Isolate to make sure lashes do not stick together
-Measure the natural lashes to select the right thickness, length and curvature
-Appropriately design your application to suit different eye shapes
-How to remove lash extensions without damaging the natural lash

Hold your spot today! $200 deposit required, balance paid on day of class!

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